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Publisher's Weekly Raves!!

Publisher's Weekly Loves The Curriculum

PW reviewed The Curriculum today. Here's what they said: 

Fortune columnist Bing (Executricks) offers a hilarious curriculum for educating would-be businesspeople on the ins and outs of the workplace. Dismissing the need for a higher degree from a reputable academic institution, Bing observes that "a traditional MBA does not provide you with a seminar on how to use an expense account as a strategic instrument, or how to bullshit your way through a difficult situation." To support his assertion, he cites numerous moguls who did not earn MBA's (Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey) as well as various corporate crooks who did (Ron Perelman). The no-holds-barred approach is often funny—as exemplified in a chapter on "Not Appearing Stupid"—and profane, particularly in the section on "Elements of Business Personality" which addresses how to manage substance abuse. Despite his irreverent tone, Bing covers practical topics not found in master's programs (including "Managing the Boss") while touching on valid business subjects like Marketing, Sales, and Strategic Thinking. With its cheeky wit, this book is sure to be a hit among students and young businesspeople. Color illus. (Apr.)

Thanks, PW! 


Buy the book: The Curriculum: Everything You Need To Know To Be A Master of Business Arts.

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Hey Bing, I can't wait to get your book from Amazon! I found your column on Fortune Magazine and have since purchased all your books online. I have to say 'The Big Bing' and 'Lloyd: what happened" are my favorites. Both delivered solid content and good laugh. The 'Bingsop's Fable' is a bit light in new content, surprisingly, but I definitely look forward to read about the Curriculum.

When I first started to read your column it was in 2009, and I just started to work in the corporate world, 6 years later I'm heading to an Ivy league MBA program this Fall and I can only say I need to read your books more to remind myself how to build a personal brand and maintain my integrity. I'm more a 'get things done' and not very political type but I also want to climb up the corporate ladder.

All the best! Thanks for all the excellent books!