Tutorials and Electives

Intro: Courses for Further Contemplation

Beyond the powerful tools assembled in the Core Curriculum and the Advanced Curriculum you have just completed, there are a number of Tutorials and Electives that students may now select for further contemplation and study of issues that will pertain to latter phases of a successful career. Nobody need consider all of them as mandatory. But attention to these extremely terse, hard-hitting subjects will prepare the student for the moment where their mortarboard comes down and the rubber soles hit the road.
Some of the Tutorials: 
301. Care (and Feeding) of Senior Officers
302. Town Car Management
303. Giving an Effective Presentation
304. Consultants
305. Business Metaphor
A few of the Electives: 
315. Hotel Living
316. Boondoggles and Other Opportunities for Public Humiliation
317. Yelling and Screaming
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