The Core

Group Dynamics

Understanding other people: What are they? Gifted businesspeople tend to be self-obsessed, driven narcissists who often have an incomplete grasp of the nature, and indeed the existence of, “other people” as entities distinct from themselves. Yet this task must be learned as well. We will take two turns around this track. The first will be for beginners who have never recognized that other people exist as anything other than a function of themselves. Some never learn this and fail in the workplace, or go on to be preening egomaniacs who run everything. The second lap will offer thoughts for those who enjoy the existence of groups and draw power from them. This easily transitions into our subunit on . . .

Social relationships as a function of group dynamics: To succeed in a group, the businessperson must build and sustain what are apparently not purely business relations with a variety of people in whom he or she would have no interest in any other context. How? When? Human (and semihuman) interactions also improve quality of work life. No one but a true ultra-senior executive can do without them. Beyond the questions of how the individual interacts with the group, there is the massive subject of how groups interact with themselves. The most obvious and inescapable way they do so is through the most ubiquitous phenomenon in business life, that is:

Meetings and other formal gatherings as a form of work as well as an alternative to it: We’ll look at the how-to, the what-not-to, the setting up, the criteria for inclusion, and so many other factors that make a decent meeting. The meeting is the spine of much of the “work” that people do at any office; it is also at times the antithesis of work. In this layer of the Core, the green and unpracticed students will be schooled on the difference between good and bad meetings and tutored on the basic techniques so they don’t spit up on themselves in public.

For further information on the lessons contained here, refer to The Curriculum: Everything You Need To Know To Be A Master of Business Arts.

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