The Core

Fundaments of Power

Hard work and patient achievement is fine, but only a true master can transform labor into power. It is a talent that can be taught only to those possessing the four essential building blocks:

Desire: Powerful people want it. They are walking breathing gasbags of want.

Obsession: Watch a dog with a bone, or a cat disassembling a vole it has caught in the woods. Are they thinking about anything other than accomplishing the job that lies before them? Normal people think about a variety of things. The truly powerful have minds like laser beams. You may not. With thought and concentration, you may be able to develop a very serviceable flashlight, though.

Anger: There are many ways to acquire power over other people, and few are as effective as this one. Powerful people are always angry about something. You would think that their power would to some extent confer peace of mind, but you would be wrong. Anyone who has ever seen Barry Diller walking to lunch up Sixth Avenue, barking intensely into his Bluetooth, will understand what I mean.

Will: There are many names for it. Determination. Resolve. True grit. Power is self-generating. Title, rank, and position in the organization do not automatically confer it. Power begets power, and that is that.

There are, of course, the lucky few who do not need to learn any of these attributes or how to employ them, because they are innately powerful—and rare. We are going to assume, for purposes of this study, that you are not one of these people.

For further information on the lessons contained here, refer to The Curriculum: Everything You Need To Know To Be A Master of Business Arts.

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