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Entrepreneur ME Gets It

At first I was a little nervous about this review. It does, after all, begin with the words, "trite," "kitchy" and "useless." So it would have to be all uphill from there. Fortunately, it goes on to say that The Curriculum is none of those things or, obviously, I would not be posting it and encouraging you to click on the link. It turns out that the very serious reviewer finds ample value in the actually surprisingly serious parts of The Curriculum, and concludes that "it is undeniably useful advice and practical." He also notes that it has humor, which I appreciate. " Give this as a gift to a person who has no clue as to why they're floundering in the workdplace," he suggests. I couldn't have said it better myself.  


For further information on the lessons contained here, refer to The Curriculum: Everything You Need To Know To Be A Master of Business Arts.


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