Greenland, A Novel

What GREENLAND Is All About

Greenland Iceberg

Greenland is the story of an organization much like yours, that decides for various economic reasons to relocate from downtown. As you can imagine, this has a significant impact on the lives of the people who must choose between unemployment in a tight job market to a total change of lifestyle.

There are many, many characters in Greenland, almost as many as there are reading the story of its rise and fall. In fact, if you close one eye and allow your mind to drift a little, you might even imagine that you who are reading it are, in fact, in it.

That’s the idea of this project which, if you like, we could undertake together. I, Bing, will write the story. But if you’d like to contribute characters and plotlines and perversities of one sort or another, you may do so.

Let me repeat. I will write. You will send me stuff. On just about every day, I will ask you where you think the story ought to go. I will read your comments and, unless I don’t want to do so, I will comply. If you’d like to write the scene for me, I will publish it, if it seems to advance things, and if it’s not too demented. If you have a photograph or interesting mp3, send it to me. Maybe I can write a scene around it.

In short, send me who you are. If you fit into the story, you can be in it. See yourself loving that mysterious stranger on the beach in Tangier. Watch yourself crush those nerds from McKinsey in the budget meeting. There are things you can do that I can’t even imagine. Imagine them for me.

And so the time will pass, and together we will spin this tale of hot-blooded corporate intrigue, steamy, frustrated sensuality and high-margin gamesmanship in the frozen tundra of a melting planet. And after a while, I will publish it, and then there will be a movie, and we can all go to the Oscars together. Beyond that? Who knows.



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