Throwing the Elephant

A funny, transcendently simple, ultra-enlightening and very Zen guide in the model of What Would Machiavelli Do? that helps you to manipulate and control the large, grey behemoths that run the world, otherwise known as your boss.

This book guarantees personal enlightenment while providing literally dozens of helpful specific exercises and solutions to the most common problems of professional life, all in a compact, attractive package that will strain neither budget, mind nor briefcase. No one who works for anyone else should be able to live without it.

Following a brief grounding in the philosophy and practice of Business Buddhism, we are plunged into a series of pithy instructive chapters designed to walk the untutored, desperate employee through a step-by-step program that will result in total control over the elephant boss.

A comprehensive course walks even the most simple-minded through basic skills one needs to provide the simple elephant handling that makes everyday life possible, including but not limited to the primary task of following along after the elephant with a little broom and dustpan.