Board Room Babies

Here they come, the moguls, the hotshots, the Chief Executive Officers of our culture. We rage at their compensation. We marvel at their bizarre oddities. We envy their unbridled egotism. They are our bloated offspring, the powerful, insane blobs of need and desire that run our lives. In terms of their power over other adults, the sheer force of their monomaniacal self-interest and their utter lack of shame, they may be compared to only one other group of humans on the planet: babies. 

In this soon-to-be seminal study, best-selling author and FORTUNE columnist Stanley Bing, working closely with his colleagues at the National Association for Serious Studies, takes a long, hard, totally scientific look at the mysterious similarities between CEOs and babies. An absolute must for the digital shelf of anybody who even considers roaming about in the stratosphere of his or her corporate culture.