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Sympathy for the Devil

John Mackey

I just want to put in a word for John Mackey, the top soy dog of Whole Foods. You know him. He's the guy who eats no fat nor lean. He's Vegan. He walks the walk and talks the organic talk. And at the same time, he's been posting anti-competitive barbs on the chat boards in a fake name that is an anagram of his wife's. Okay, it's embarassing if, as the Wall Street Journal reports, he complimented his own hair. But Whole Foods (WFMI) is a pretty cool place. And what's the guy guilty of, really? How many of you are signed on right now with some kind of fake name? Probably all of you, right? Some of you are on as women who are men, I'm sure, and vice versa. Leave alone chat rooms for a minute, in which all kinds of people vent their spleens and sling all kinds of self-serving speculative mung by the minute. So-called news sources on the web are festooned with people who spew a raft of schweck out there, some of it rumor, some of it pure bile based on unnamed sources, people having fun trashing people, the angry, the otherwise mute, spilling their guts with no attribution required, just pure content, unattached from the invididual who sent it out into the cyber-shopping mall of the collective mind.

And now everybody's going to have a lot of fun laughing at John Mackey, and maybe he'll get into even worse trouble, and won't that be nice. And then we can all chat about it!

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Mr. Mackey's predilection for anonymous rantings is far from unique in the corridors of power. So much so that at least one startup has stepped into the void to assist acronym-challened CEOs. Check it out at:

Great Article....We all all such hypocits.

I wish all the CEO of companies I invested in were as passionate. If the Wild Oats deal was not challenged by the SEC none of this would have been known.

God blesss John Mackey. Lord knows I would be a laughing stock to my family & friends if they knew the mischief I was up to on the internet.

I guess the reality is that John Mackry is a human being...

Although amusing at best- if this is the worst Mr. Mackey is guilty of in this day and age, it's a non-issue.

I read a lot of Mackey's comments on Yahoo and I don't see the big deal. He didn't disclose anything that appeared to be insider information and he actually presented a pretty balanced view of his company, often stating that his optomistic view of the company's future could be wrong.

So what's the harm. That Mackey said things publically that other CEOs would normally tell only to analysts and fund managers? Good for him.

Others seem troubled that a CEO would reduce himself the level of spending time in an Internet chat room. Good for him. Here's a guy who loves his company and what he does so strongly that he spends his free time discussing his work with anonymous strangers. Isn't this what we want from a CEO?

Mackey is unorthodox and that will unnerve people, but at the end of the day, the postives to be derived from his actions far outweigh any negatives.

how do i know that john mackey didn't write this?

I think Mackey's antics we're genius.....and hilarious........we all need to realize one thing, you cant f*ck with Whole Foods. They own the organic market.

At the end of the day, when you want to impress your date with a fresh home-cooked ain't goin' to just any're goin' to Whole Foods. What this guy blogs about has nothing to do with how fresh the strawberries are.

John Mackey and Whole Foods will show their real stuff as they are able to overcome the media desire to crucify anyone who has the audacity to become to popular or successful!

Mackey rules!

I like the fact that he purposely bashed Wild Oats so that their stock price would drop. He was trying to acquire Wild Oats for next to nothing, which makes perfect business sense. The money is made when the stock is purchased, not when it is sold. He did what he thought was necessary to make his business grow. The only dumb thing he did was use the name 'Rahodeb'. He should have used something more creative. Other than that, his internet trolling is a thing to be applauded.

You are voicing a perfect example of old school and institutional thinking clashing with the altered state we now exist in.

Since it is a public company, it should be interesting to see if the SEC makes any noise about this.

He should of never apologized for what he did. If you are going to do something like that, one should never apologize and by doing so is admitting to guilt on something that he shouldn't have to admit guilt for. We live in a country built on free speech.