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St. Patty's Day... in LA? I don't think so.

St. Patty's Parade

I miss the politicians in the street.

I miss the guys on the train at 8 in the morning with a beer bottle on their bellies and a "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" tee shirt stretched to bursting.

I miss the crowds of drunken idiots clogging every corner.

I miss folks saying to you, "Hey! Why aren't you wearing any green?" at business meetings. Out here, I'm more likely to be asked why I'm not wearing any Brioni to brunch.

I miss green beer. Green Chardonnay just isn't the same.

I miss the parade that shuts down Fifth Avenue for hours and hours as waves of High School bands and crazy fraternal organizations march by, filled with color and pride.

I miss the throngs of people streaming in and out of Saint Patrick's Cathedral looking dazed and excited.

I miss the palpable sense of danger, as the pleasantly inebriated gangs of morning turn to the ugly thugs of noon.

I miss the rivers of vomit that run in the street by nightfall, even. But not that much.

It's a day like any other here in Los Angeles. The sky is blue. The air is heavy with the smell of honeysuckle and lilac. The agents are on the wing. But on this day, I think of home. May the road rise up to meet you as you go, my friends.

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Ahh, St. Patty's Day in NYC - Such a site.

Just don't ever fly into the city on this day and expect to get to your hotel. Trust me on this.

The voice of experience has spoken!

And I yearn for ocean breeze and clear sky. I wish for car-based life, where I don't have to deal with the crowd in a train, particularly when it's freezing or humid outside.

But then it's a crisp spring day here in New York, so I will be content for a while.

Yes, Bing, I agree, but if Los Angles didn't exsist, we would have had to invent it. There is, a certain strange utility to it.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, and as we used to say in grade school with all the cheekish pluck we could then muster, "Erin go braless."

Nashville is worse!

I started out in Chicago, where they do a real Saint Patrick's Day.

Here, nobody really tries...this is not a partying town.

The bedroom community where I live is worse still.

What I don't miss is 'the troubles'.

Ireland without bombs and murder. Finally.

I'd say 'thank God', but frankly I don't think God deserves any credit at all. Protestants and Catholics murdering in the name of Christ. Jesus God!

Don't thank God. Thank the Irish. For finally coming to their senses.

Oh, and for the record, I'm 25% Irish. Now that there is peace in Ireland, I'm finally willing to admit it.

I was raised in a white trash mill town in Northern California. When I was growing up, everyone drank excessively, had fist fights in the front room, screamed at one another over the slightest provocation, then threw up and passed out in the yard. Every day was St. Paddy's Day at our house!

Being Irish is not about being drunk for those that think that is what it is about. In college there, all the bars were closed before 10( for the most part). In the student center, yes I could have a beer with friends, but I do not recall many drunken nights. One of the Americans got kicked out of the bar for being too drunk. I just want people to know what this day means. Go there and you will see and have a great time! Enjoy this day, no matter what it means to you non-the-less.

I'm Jewish, so I don't observe St. Patrick's Day; I celebrate Leprechaunukah. It's a much more enjoyable holiday than Brismas.

The Irish bars are one of the only things to recommend New York. St. Pats brings with it the first whiff of rancid garbage that is the hallmark of summer in the city.

Let's have one for the road, and one more for the guipper!

Having worked in both, I'd take L.A. – for the weather and the water. Met the wife at that great old English pub in Santa Monica.

True, the earthquakes can spill your St. Patty's Day Guinness...


Having grown up in LA and my birthday on St. Patty's day, I have never had a sober birthday...until I met my wife/became a company man. Sorry I read ahead. LA has a great St. Patty's day program, but because most us are functional drunks, you never notice. Besides, we are way to high class to vomit in the streets. We wait till after dinner to purge our poisons.

Bing: St Patty's day is more of an East USA thing. LA is about riots and fires, you were lucky that day in which the air was heavy with the smell of honeysucle and lilac (how romantic!!), that is the exception. The normal smells here are smog, burnt wood and/or pepper spray in the air !!!! you need to come often!!!