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Bing Blog (10)

What's going on right now.

The Lloyd Saga (10)

He starts out small and good and ends up big and bad. 

Nothing Comes To Mind (10)

A memoir from a person who has very little memory. 

Charts (10)

You have time to waste until the next pointless meeting. Entertain yourself with these charts.

Greenland, A Novel (2)

A tale of corporate intrigue that puts YOU in the action.  

Ask Bing (10)

You've got questions? Send them to me at

Serious Studies (10)

The National Association for Serious Studies is a national association dedicated to a number of serious studies.

Bingsop Fables (4)

Little stories to amuse and bewilder. 

Bulls**t Jobs (10)

Discover jobs that pay better than they should and are respected for no reason. 

Crazy Bosses (10)

All bosses are crazy, and now you can learn strategies for success despite (or because of) the insanity.

Executricks (10)

The resource for those who work hard but would rather be hardly working.

Games (1)

If you have an idea for a game that could fit well with what I'm doing here, drop me a line. 

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Interesting and fun photos.