The Curriculum: The Advanced Curriculum
Monday, Apr. 7, 2014 at 9:39pm

Successful people get to where they are because they think what is called strategically. Sometimes, it is true, they lash out and pulverize somebody, but most of the time they are thinking as much as possible in a way that you do not. Methodically. Incrementally. Strategically.   What, you may ask, is a strategy? A strategy is a plan that is designed specifically to achieve a certain well-defined goal. It is made up not of one but of several—sometimes more than several— actions. Put those actions together in a sequence and you have a strategy.   Strategic Thinking, then, is the kind of thinking that is utilized to produce a strategy. Think- ing that produces something else may be very good thinking, but it is not Strategic Thinking.

This may sound kind of simple, but you would be surprised how many management teams sit around thinking strategically without coming up with a...


8/14/14 at 7:29am
The Curriculum: The Advanced Curriculum

Welcome to the Advanced Curriculum. Having established a strong Core, you are now ready for field-based and experiential studies to better prepare you for the vicissitudes of everyday work life. On the next page is a schematic of the various topics under...

8/12/14 at 1:16pm
The Curriculum: Related Effluvia

At first I was a little nervous about this review. It does, after all, begin with the words, "trite," "kitchy" and "useless." So it would have to be all uphill from there. Fortunately, it goes on to say that The Curriculum is none of those things or,...

6/9/14 at 10:50am
Coming soon to your BOD?
Bing Blog

  Good news, fellow futurists!  A Hong Kong venture capital firm has just named an Artificial Intelligence entity to its Board of Directors. "The Hong Kong company that announced the novel board addition last month is Deep Knowledge Ventures, a venture...

5/6/14 at 9:47am
Curriculum Videos

This is the first of the video training modules in The Curriculum.  It is dedicated to the crucial portion of any student's course of study: the task -- on a daily basis -- of Not Appearing Stupid.  The workplace is accepting of all kinds of people, but...

4/23/14 at 11:30am
The Curriculum: Related Effluvia

Today Publisher of USA Today and (obviously) humorist Larry Kramer decided to look at my new book, The Curriculum, from a very unique lens. Here's how he did it, with many thanks from me, Stanley Bing, and a sheepish grin from me under my given name as...

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